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Vihof Thorn

Nice that you're there!

In the Vihof you can see all the chapels of Thorn. I have made them like insects chapels. For masonry bees, for butterflies, ladybugs and in the Joseph Chapel, the one with the hat, live Earwigs. At night they come out and they go down to the vegetable garden which they completely clean.

I’ve made the chapels of stone. And that’s what I do. I make houses, for example, your home! as a small cottage of stone for insects or for indoor with a tea light. And always detached, because I don’t make the home of your neighbors:)

If you send me pictures of each side of your House then I make a sketch for the first quote. If you agree then I make a construction drawing. Then I build your home in three days out of clay. After three to four weeks the little house goes into the oven for 24-hour: up to 1150 degrees and back. By then to clay is transformed to brick.

When the house is cooled down I paint it twice cool white.

If it is dry I pack well in and I will send it to you send by registered mail. You can of course also collect it in Thorn.

People from all over the world visit my Vihof. Back home they email photos of their home. For example a Beach House in Hawaii are to a floor in Birmingham or a farmhouse in Zeeland or a pub in Scotland. I’ll make your birth home, family home or holiday home for with a (fake) candle in it to go with your Christmas village or train course. But it can also make your house for on a pole in the garden as a butterfly or bee cottage.

I can also make your company of stone, for example, with a candle in it. Or your school on a pole in the vegetable garden as an insects cottage.

You can always call or email me for more information.

Warm regards from the white town of Thorn!